Coaching is about empowering you to realize the genuine wisdom and knowledge you already possess. Unlike therapy or counseling, Coaching is for those who want to make changes to their lives, and are focused on moving from now, into the future.    

Coaching is a proven process for helping people improve their lives. When there’s something we want but can’t quite seem to make come true, there’s something else blocking the way. Coaching is about releasing those blocks and discovering ways to step over them. It’s about transforming your current life into the life you’ve dreamed of — the life that’s been dreaming of you. Whether it’s realizing deferred dreams, finding peace in the midst of change, wanting a life of abundance or trying to figure out your life purpose, coaching can help you get there.

Powerful – Provocative – Transformative


Coaching is support from a person meant to understand, guide and uncover.   Coaching is about empowering you to realize the genuine wisdom and knowledge you already possess.  It’s like having a thinking partner, who hears what you’re saying and what you’re not.  


Whether you’re facing the challenge of change or the discomfort of a situation that you know isn’t right, if you feel confused, stuck or are struggling to define and take the next step forward, I can help. 

It’s my mission to help you find and trust your own unique and personal power so that you can make wise choices that will lead you to the life you want to create.

Sometimes our realities can be difficult to face. We feel stuck as if we are going around in circles. Health, work or relationship challenges and transitions leave us unsure of the next steps and in need of a new perspective. 

My thought-provoking and creative process will help you clarify the roots of your goals, identify opportunities and discover strategies and solutions.

As your coach I listen, reflect and illustrate both what you are saying and not saying.  I am honest and compassionate, with a method that is both probing and provocative. I will help you simplify complex situations. I will keep you focused on what matters most and encourage you to speak and act with authenticity and determination on your journey of growth and success. I will boost your determination and hold you accountable to the actions and goals we set.


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