Coaching is a self-directed discovery process facilitated through education and guidance by a trained Coaching professional.  This process includes active listening, provocative questioning and targeted programs designed to facilitate change.  It’s a process that is meant to uncover answers.  Your answers.

Whether your lack of fulfillment is surrounding your career, relationships, life purpose, health, fun or anything that is in disconnect, coaching will help.

What Coaching Is:

Coaching is a unique opportunity to focus and move forward on your personal,
professional or organizational goals through the exploration of ideas and candid
dialogue with a confidential and unbiased thinking partner.

Coaches are involved because you want help with a situation, transition or goal. 
Coaches are your support but also there to guide and challenge your thinking.

You are in charge.  As a coach, my job is to help you find the answers and
uncover any blocks that are standing in your way.

What Coaching Is Not:

Coaching is not an opportunity to gain sympathy over the events that got
you to where you are.  This is not for those who want to blame everyone
else, those who look for excuses and those who want to shirk responsibility.

Unlike Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy or Counseling, Coaching
focuses on the future.  Where do you want to be, what do you want
and how can your coach help you to get there. 

Coaching is perfect for those that desire change.





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