I AM OPEN: Frosted White Howlite Diffuser Bracelet


I AM OPEN:  Frosted White Howlite Diffuser Bracelet Constructed Using Authentic Gemstones & Lava Rock.

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I AM OPEN:   Frosted White Howlite (White, Putty, Tan) Diffuser Bracelet (Black Lava)

Our bracelets are constructed by hand using only authentic gemstones (not simulated), chosen for their healing and therapeutic properties.  Because of the natural porous properties inherent in Lava Rock, it is the perfect carrier for essential oils.

How To Use:  Essential oils are applied either by dropper directly onto the lava beads or massaged into the stones in the palm of your hand.  As the stones warm up on the skin, the oil is released onto the skin.  This is particularly effective when pairing with oils that alleviate tension and stress or provide other emotional support.

Measuring Guidelines:    Bracelets are custom based on the sizing provided.  Measure snugly around your wrist in inches.  Please include your wrist measurement in the notes with your order.

Gemstone Properties:

Howlite is naturally white or grey in color, often with a spider web-like pattern of black lines adorning it. Considered a stone of memory, knowledge & progress, it is said to encourage reasoning, observation, discernment & patience.  Folklore suggests it has healing properties that gently absorb & relieve stress, tension & anxiety & its specific physical healing properties.  Howlite breeds inspiration creativity and artistic expression.

Lava Rock is known for being a grounding stone.  Because of these grounding properties, it can balance the emotions and bring about calmness and strength. It’s believed to help keep tempers in check and also help its wearer to work through problems in a logical way.  There is a raw energy about Lava Rock, that is said to represent rebirth or renewal.

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