Wall Art Installation…

Ho do I install this thing on my wall?  Is it hard?

It may seem daunting if you’ve never installed a decal in the past, but rest assured it’s not hard!  Proper preparation of the surface and taking the appropriate precautions and speed during installation, will result in a fantastic decor piece!

You will have received your wall art in a rolled up tube or cylinder.  Remove from the cylinder and lay the graphic on a flat surface, to allow to relax or flatten.

Thoroughly clean the wall to remove any residue or chemicals. Dry the wall surface thoroughly.
Please Note:  Do not adhere to freshly painted walls.  Paint must cure for at least one month before application so as to not effect finish during later removal.

You will notice that the artwork has 3 layers:  A rigid paper backing with a glossy finish against the sticky backing of the graphic, a translucent transfer tape through which you can see the graphic, and the graphic itself.

You will have received  a proof showing your artwork and dimensions.  Determine if your graphic needs to be aligned horizontally or vertically on the wall and take the required measurements.  (ie:  if the graphic or text is in a straight horizontal line, measure down from the ceiling.)

Using your wall size and graphic size, create your markings on the wall in the required positions, several inches apart.  For example, a graphic that will be aligned with the ceiling, would have 2 points marked on the wall, the same distance from the ceiling at either end of the graphic…these will be your leveling points.

Find the center of the wall area where you are placing your Skribblz and mark at the desired height.

Measure your Skribblz from end to end (wording only) and mark center on the transfer paper.

Place the Skribblz face down on a hard surface and rub the paper backing, then carefully peel the backing paper away at a 45 degree angle to expose the adhesive backing.  Keep the backing paper close to the graphic image so as not to lift the image from the transfer tape.  If parts of the backing stick to the image, continue and peel these remaining bits away at the end.  If the image resists sticking to the transfer paper where you begin peeling, replace the backing, firmly smooth it into place and start peeling at a different section.

Holding the transfer paper tape, place the masked image on the wall using your marks made previously as guidance.  Hold the item close to the wall at either end, then press in the middle and smooth out.  If you have a large graphic, you will want assistance to hold the artwork tight from either end.


Continue to smooth the image onto the wall from the center out (you may use a credit card if desired, but not necessary) until it is all firmly in place and then burnish the image with your palm (rub vigorously).  The heat from your hand will assist in the graphic quickly adhering to the wall and releasing from the transfer tape.

Slowly peel away the transfer paper at a 45 degree angle, keeping the paper flush with the wall to avoid the graphic lifting from the surface.  Should any

Voila!  Your beautiful artwork is ready!