So one of the most common questions I get is, “where do you get your inspiration?”.  My answer is always the same…”everywhere”.

I am inspired by everything around me, but most of my designs come from my personal experiences and interests.  For example, you’ll notice a heavy water / nautical presence because of how water makes me feel. I am a definite water enthusiast…the therapy of water is unmatched.  Similarly, people and their passions inspire me.  Sometimes it’s just a simple idea from a client that can springboard and entirely new collection.

This is a family owned company who don’t take themselves or the designs too seriously.  We are passionate about our products and like to have fun and a laugh at the same time.  Many of the designs are impacted by our light-hearted humorous approach and are designed to get a laugh simply because of the therapeutic value of laughter.

We hope you enjoy the collections and have enjoy smile too!