Katrina is the owner and original coach behind the creation of Skribblz Wellness.  Her vision is to empower, enlighten and provide support in achieving personal fulfillment.

Hmmm, what does that mean?

In a nutshell, she wants people to experience sincere and long-lasting happiness.  What that means is different for each of us, but the reality is the same:  Dig deep, do the work, release blocks and surround yourself every day with all of those things that bring you joy.  People, places, items….all of it.  Maintain your highest frequency.

Katrina holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Trent University and specialized in the areas of learning, motivation, aging, organizational and health psychology.  She is constantly learning new concepts and more importantly, is committed to her own personal development.  In this way, she’s doing the work that her clients are doing as well.  Above all, she is present in her coaching and devoted to supporting her clients.

Katrina is a wife, mother, daughter, friend and community volunteer.  She loves to be outdoors, on the slopes or beside a lake, and finds sunshine and warm breezes rejuvenating!


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