Katrina is the owner behind the creation of Skribblz Wellness.  As a Certified Life Coach at Katrina Murphy Coaching, she understands the impact that something as simple as a t-shirt, can have on your day.

In a nutshell, she wants people to experience sincere and long-lasting happiness.  What that means is different for each of us, but the reality is the same:  Dig deep, do the work, release blocks and move forward in confidence.   Maintain your highest frequency.

Katrina has been building her understanding of human behaviour since 1990.  Her studies in Psychology have established an understanding of human perception and learning.  She is constantly engaging in new training and learning concepts to further assist her clients.  More importantly, Katrina is committed to her own personal development.  In this way, she’s doing the work that her clients do as well.  Above all, she is present in her coaching and devoted to supporting her clients.


I’m not a push-over and don’t believe in being paid to stroke egos. I will call you out on your negativity, playing the victim, or whatever crutch you’ve been using so far.  I’ll always be in your corner and act with your best interests at heart, however taking full responsibility for where you are right now (good and bad) is essential in starting this transformation.

I also don’t work with people on a ‘per-session’ basis.  My programs are a minimum of 2 months and progress from there at your discretion.

Lasting, permanent change takes time.  Your brain needs to learn new pathways, make new habits and form new correlations in order to elicit real and lasting change.  Anything less is a waste of your money and time.

Finally, the complimentary consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and assess how we work together.  There is no sales pitch at the end.  If it’s the right fit, we’ll know. 

With Love, Katrina