Skribblz was founded in 2006, as a way to bring people simple, daily joys that can transform their lives.  With a background in the Psychology of learning and motivation, the owner has created a culture of support for mind, body and spirit.  We believe in the power of our brains to elicit change mentally, physically and spiritually.  It is through nurturing mind, body and spirit that we can achieve happiness and experience daily gratitude.  We are drawn to the pursuit of a positive mindset and the personal modifications that mindset can bring.

We believe that what we think, will be our reality.   

Our products and collections are intended to mirror average Canadian lifestyle passions through mindfulness, positivity and enlightenment, sometimes through fun and humour.  Our goal is simple:  inspire, uplift and motivate through playful and creative design, promoting health for both body and mind. 

We believe that positivity breeds positivity and embrace the philosophy that wellness is the key to personal empowerment.  We strive for balance in our world, how we treat it, and each other.

Cheers, Katrina


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